The Walking Dead brings in 17 million zombie mad viewers!

So now that Ray Donovan has finished I’m pretty friggin bleek! The good news is it’s Zombie Apocalypse time again as the fifth season of Walking Dead hits our screens. If you want to know how popular this series is, consider that 17 million people in the States tuned in on Sunday evening to watch it – this was a Cable TV Drama viewership record in the USA.

So, what is it about the series that has everyone gripped? Well it’s certainly not the storyline. It’s pretty thin…

The reason why millions of people tune in to watch it, is for one reason only – You build up some type of emotional attachment to a character in the story and then out of the blue, just when you don’t expect it, a toothless, decaying, groaning zombie gets them (and then eats them)

Cannot wait to see who gets eaten next.



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