Graeme Smith | Truly unhappy or just looking to party?

The Sunday Papers really hung Graeme Smith out to dry, this weekend! Apparently his wife intercepted an sms which was meant for his lawyer which indicated he was ready to move ahead with a divorce. If it’s true, it’s a pretty epic fail! But, I wonder if this has less to do with his “unhappiness” at home, and more to do with the fact that “Biffy” is one of the boys, and that is never ever going to change.

I played a little cricket at school, but I was never one of those “cricket guys” – you know the type: they all have colorful nicknames for each other, occasionally slap each other on the bum and participate in “fines meetings” after the game is over. Good on them, I’m not knocking them, but they are a close bunch of boytjies who like a dop, taking a dig at each other and revel in a little bromance.

I believe Graeme Smith is one of those guys. The type of guy who is more comfortable with his mates, in a bar, than he is at home with the kids. The type of guy who is more comfortably in front of cameras than he is changing soiled kid’s nappies. The type of guy who would prefer to have a bunch of mates around than his own wife and kids…

Look, I’m not professing to know what happens behind closed doors at ‘the Smith Residence’, but I know a boytjie when I see one, and boytjies don’t often make great husbands and fathers (they do however make great team players and SA captains)

Is the media being too hard on old Biffy? I think he tried the whole marriage and kids thing, didn’t like it, and now wants to be out on the jol! Participate in our Poll and feel free to leave a comment.



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Graeme Smith (aka Spit) has never had my respect as a person and certainly not as a cricketer. He misused his position many a time. I think he is a chop and what he has done to his wife and children are unforgivable.

I do believe Graeme Smith is truly a brown ….hole.Karma is back boytjie ,remember how you dropped the team to fend for themselves at home.This while you were wrapped up in the arms of this English let me say woman .Guess what Karma is a bith even if your wife is not .

The media has a duty to report.The only different is when you feel you are not painted in a manner that you wish. “Wish” is not an ideal true story.

I have no problem with “boytjies” but they should realise that they are not marriage material and definitely not father material. Keep your zipper up. Now he has made two gorgeous kids who will be messed up adults (maybe like himself) and wreck one of my kids live’s by falling for “her”. There is no “try out period” with marriage and kids, it is a commitment for life. You can not push them back from where they came. What a shame.

knowing SA cricket, they will find a way to bring him into the national squad. what a ill conceived idea, if it does materialize. he has not been able to keep his place in his own ” marriage team”, which shows he can’t stand the heat.As a hubby he ran himself out.To his wife, like the elusive 50 overs trophy that is slipping away from SA,due to the players arrogance against Pakistan, you are better off for your so called lose, you actually win.

In many ways Graeme has made his bed, now he needs to sleep in it. That being said he hasn’t had it easy, he’s been public enemy number 1 for a long time despite doing extremely well for our country

We sit on the fence with regards to Smith Francois, given the fact that we don’t know the bloke personally. It’s easy to judge someone but until you actually know their story it’s not good to make judgements. He has done a lot of wrong and right for SA cricket. His personal life is irrelevant to the SA public in our opinion.

Yeah Lawrence. Although we are not necessarily backing him as a person, his record is hard to overlook and he’s been a great servant to South African cricket!

Yeah it is sad Elmarie but in fairness to the guy he is not the first person to have failed in a marriage and certainly not the last. Such a big deal is made of it purely because he is a famous sportsman. Thanks for your post 🙂

Some how Graeme Smith has bequeathed his choker chain to the Proteas.
And yes they are all arrogant slobs.

Hi Noel. Everything leading up to the quarterfinals counts for nothing. You need to win 3 games on the trot to win this tournament. Let’s hope we can put that choker tag to bed!

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