Can I Have Your Vote For A Four Day Work Week?

Two day weekends just aren’t doing it for me anymore! Just as quickly as Friday night arrives, the daunting Carte Blanche jingle rings in my ears, on a Sunday night, and I know it’s time to start mentally clocking back in and readying myself for the next 5 days. So shouldn’t we boycott the system? Why is it that we subscribe to a 5 day work week with 2 days off? It seems like a con, cooked up in the industrial age and engrained in our society like a dirty stain. But I have solution…

8 hours a day, 5 days a week is the mandatory work week, right? 40 hours a week or 160 hours a month.

We clock in at 08H00 in the morning, have a mandatory 1 hour lunch break and hit the traffic at 17H00. That’s 8 working hours in a standard working day.

But what if, for the sake of productivity, we didn’t decide to work fewer hours, but just put in more hours over 4 days.

My solution is a 10 hour, 4 day work week and 3 full days off (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Personally, I would work 12 hours a day over 4 days if I had the opportunity to check out for 3 full days.

How much more rested do you feel after a long weekend? That extra day is Gold!

What do you think? Vote below and let’s take the poll results and send them to the Dept Labour 🙂

Enjoy your next 3 days off!


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6 replies on “Can I Have Your Vote For A Four Day Work Week?”

I would rather say, 3.5 days work week, it’s easy you take the 5 hours of the fourth day and give 2 more hours to the first 3 days 12 hours then the industrialists even get an extra hour, and everyone is happy

Lot of crap. No sooner you start this, the workers will bitch about a work day that is too long and strike-GET BACK TO WORK.

the country is messed up at the moment, any more thoughts and ideas
of unproductive people and and people who does not the REAL meaning
of TIME , will vote YES .

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