Best videos on the line at the moment

It’s been a while since I’ve had some time to trawl the internet looking for some cool videos to share. It’s Friday, your week has probably been as long as mine, so kick back this morning and give these videos a run, before you tackle that inbox and all the overdue meeting requests you still need to accept.

Hell’s Club

Imagine all your favourite movie characters hitting the same nightclub on the same night. This mashup gets a 10/10 for creativity and is worth a watch from start to finish. My pick of the week (well, the hot French surfer chick is a close 2nd)

Kanye West & Donald Trump mashup on Jimmy Kimmel’s show

So Donald Trump is running for president (or is he) and then Kanye comes out at the VMAs on the weekend and says he might be presidential candidate material (whatever man), but it does make for a great mashup video.

Jimmy Fallon interviewing Anthony Sadler who disarmed a gunman on a train

A week or so ago I wrote about the American dudes who disarmed the would-be terrorist on a French train. Turns out one of them is a big Jimmy Fallon fan so he got his moment on camera to chat about how it all played out. Turns out they are just a bunch of regular blokes who in the moment acted on impulse and got lucky I guess…

Advice to your younger self on getting older

If only you knew what you know now, when you were 20.

Chick surfing in high heels

Not much more to say except – a hot French chick ripping it up in heels.

David Oyelowo has an injured ankle but makes an epic basketball shot

Great actor and a one in a million hoop shot (classic)

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