The best adverts from the Super Bowl

This year’s Super Bowl final served up its fair share of drama as star quarterback, Tom Brady, helped the New England Patriots overturn a ten point deficit and snatch an unlikely win from the Seahawks. But, there was also a heavy weight clash of the TV Ads as big brands came out to play ball. Here are my top six Super Bowl XLIX Ads.

Clash of Clans – Starring Liam Neeson

Out of all the Super Bowl Ads I’ve been able to watch over the last couple of days, this one is hands down my favourite. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few absolute peaches, but just because they managed to get Liam Neeson to play his bad-ass self in this commercial was a stroke of genius!

Carl’s Jr – All Natural Burger “Starring the smoking hot Charlotte McKinney”

114 million people tuned into the Super Bowl and watched this 21 year old hottie (Charlotte McKinney) take a chomp out of Carl’s Jr new “All Natural” burger. I leave you with one word ‘Yummy’…and the burger doesn’t look too bad either!


Geico – “Old man has swag”

Insurance companies always seem to miss the mark when it comes to advertising (well at least in my mind). We all know we need it, but could you take a little time to try and humour us for a change? Geico (American auto-insurer) hit the mark with this one. I almost rolled off the couch, laughing.

Bud Light- Real Life Pac- Man

This is the first of two Budweiser commercials that get my nod. Ever wondered what it would be like  to be inside a real arcade game? Well, Bud Light will take you there (and they used Pac-Man, how friggin cool is that!). It’s part of their “Up for Whatever” campaign which is pretty smart. Have a Bud Light and you are pretty much “Up for Whatever”, even being part of a life size arcade game. Awesome idea!


Budweiser – Lost Dog

Guys love dogs, this dog is lost, and now I want to go and buy a dog. Thanks a lot Budweiser!

PS: the hashtag #BestBuds is smart


Dove – #RealStrenght

It’s a little mushy, but if you are a dad, they have hit the mark, and for that you need to take your hat off.

Let us know which Super Bowl Ad you enjoyed the most.


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