Kill 10 minutes this morning watching these awesome vids

I’m not sure what you are up to this weekend, but if your week has been anything like mine, it’s time to chill out. And while you are slacking off on the couch, take a little time out to give these videos a run. I’ve been putting these clips aside, during the course of the week, and finally got a chance to slap them into a post.

Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History

This is a blog for blokes! And we are all about celebrating the female form, right? This really cool video takes you through the ages and highlights women’s ideal body types. With 22,5 million YouTube views, this clip is a favourite around the globe. When you watch it you will know why.

Shamrock Shake Challenge

Tuesday was St Patrick’s Day and this kid decided to take his celebrations to another level. Watch him chug 2 litres of green milkshake in less than 5 minutes. Damn it, imagine the brain freeze! Kudos for the fine effort though – I couldn’t do it.

Feeding Piranhas In A River In Brazil

We’ve all got a morbid fascination with these flesh eating fish from South America. Watch this video to remind yourself never to take a swim in a Brazilian river, and why you need to convince the missus to get you a fish tank for your Man Cave. Imagine having a pair of these at home, swinging around next to your LED. No need to chuck that chicken carcass out, just drop it in and watch it get smashed.

With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

This is an oldie, but I wet my pants every time I watch it. Poor guy gets hauled into a light aircraft by his mate, who then flips the plane from one side to the next. You don’t need the volume for this one, you will hear the shrieks and screams even with your volume control at 25%. What a laugh!

Uptown Funk – Treadmill Dancing

Is your gym routine getting a little boring? Perhaps it’s time to hit the treadmill? But before you slap those running shoes on, let this dude give you an idea of how it’s done in 2015.

Why The Gold Apple Watch Cost $10 000

The launch of the Apple watch, last week, was a pretty big deal in the States. The top end model goes for a ludicrous $10 000. It was only a matter of time before someone came up with an idea to take Apple on about it. It’s really smart and well thought out.

Crazy Pole Dancing Skills

Yeah, I know we have all seen a chick do a routine on a pole (well, I hope you have), but this is unlike anything you have seen before. Imagine the guy who sleeps in the same bed as this chick. Lucky fella indeed.

Awkward Boner Stories

Who hasn’t had a mistimed erection? These guys talk about their awkward boner stories.

Will Smith & Jimmy Fallon Beat Box

I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth mentioning again – if you aren’t PVRing The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, you’re missing out. Watch him and Will Smith throw a little beat box together. The Fresh Prince still has it all these years later – no doubt.


That’s the lot. Hope you have a lekker weekend.


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