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Sackie | Who knew tossing bean bags around could be this epic!

Get enough guys together at a braai, add a few beers, and inevitably someone is going to break out a bat and ball. We’re just hard-wired that way, aren’t we? It doesn’t matter if it’s a set of darts, a football or an old cricket bat. If it bounces or floats through the air, guys will find a way to divvie-the-dudes-up and get a game on…anytime…anywhere!

Now imagine for a second a super-cool guy in Johannesburg designed a brilliant new game you can play next time you’re turning a tjop on the Weber or just hanging out with friends and family in the back garden.

That would spark your attention, wouldn’t it?

Well, I got my hands on Sackie and I had a blast playing it. I’ve decided every bloke In South Africa should know about it, especially those with kids. It’s epic for when you have family and friends over for a braai or even to keep your kids amused for a couple of hours if you are on daddy duty!


This is how the story goes.

A couple of weeks before the end of last year I was enjoying a coffee with a work colleague who told me he was manufacturing a local game called Sackie. It’s loosely based on an American game the Yankee Doodles have been playing for years, but he has decided to give it a proudly South African spin. The game itself involves a couple of wooden boards, some stylish bean bags, and doesn’t require much more dexterity than when you try to land an apple core in a dustbin with a well-placed throw.

If you like the idea of closing out a game with a killer last throw, beer in one hand and some banter, you’re going to love Sackie. After checking the prototype pics out on his phone and listening to his enthusiasm about the product, I was like, “You have to let me take a set down to the coast when you have your first order knocked out.” True to his word, a couple of days before we decided to fuel up the car and head down the N3 to the coast, I got the call to pick up my Sackie set in Bryanston.


This is how you play Sackie?

  • You’ve got two wooden boards (80cm x 50cm) each with 6 round holes that are slightly smaller than a side plate in size.
  • You have 3 bean bags you need to under-arm toss into to the opposing team’s board.
  • If you drop your bean bag through a hole you get to close the hole off.
  • The team that closes off the board first, wins the game

The product itself is pure quality. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the wooden boards hold up to the endless pounding they take from the bean bag throws. It’s easy to clean (just wipe it down with a wet cloth) and your Sackie set comes with a handy carry bag which is necessary if you are going to migrate your game away from the house to a new location like the beach.

The bean bags themselves are wrapped in a cool shwe shwe fabric which gives them a lekker proudly SA vibe. Put it this way, the product doesn’t come off as cheap, and you can see everyone at Sackie has put the quality of the game at the top of their agenda.

Is it fun for everyone?

Every South African home needs a Sackie. We had two teenage girls, a handful of 40-year olds, and a couple of grandparents in their mid-70s all staying in the house over this Christmas period and we all got stuck into a few super-serious Sackie games. What I found interesting is that although we had 3 generations under one roof, and that isn’t always easy, what all of us did agree on is that spending a few hours playing Sackie was a helluva lot of fun.

Want more information on how to get your hands on a Sackie set?

Leave your details below and we will get the guys from Sackie to email you directly with pricing and delivery details.

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