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What do you do when a chick you like gives you mixed signals?

Firstly we’ll look at mixed signals when you’re in a relationship. Then we’ll discuss mixed signals you get from a girl you’re into.

I’ve got a good mate who’s in a bit of a pickle. Here is his conundrum – he was dating this girl for the best part of a year and then she lost that loving feeling (just like the lyrics from that old Righteous Brothers classic). No more sexy time and  banished to the couch, he finally decided to pack up his stuff and move out.

A little time went by without any contact and then slowly but surely they started getting back together (the occasional coffee date turned into more coffee dates and finally one night they were alone at her place). Just when he thought he might be back in there again, she fired off the second bullet (but a week later, without fail she was looking to hook up again). What’s with the damn mixed signals? Is this chick into me or not? I’ve got the solution to this problem.

How does a relationship go from “lovey-dovey” to you sleeping on the couch?

The reality is that it doesn’t happen overnight, right? You don’t wake up one morning and find that your wife or girlfriend has more time for your dog than she does for you. This type of “falling out” happens over a period of time, but always culminates in a specific moment – usually one massive blow up.

So she doesn’t dig me anymore, so I’m out – that’s exactly the decision my mate made and it was 100% the right call.

But then the mixed signals started…

I don’t know if you have ever been in a relationship with a girl where the signals are so mixed that if she were an air traffic controller, every plane in the sky would end up on the tarmac in a mangled mesh of metal and burning flesh.

I love you…

I hate you..

I love you…

Go to hell….

I love you…

You don’t love me anymore…

But I love you…

No I don’t…

Has this even happened to you & if so how did you handle it? Did you leave her & never look back or did you manage to handle her mixed signals in such a way that you ended up getting back together?

The above pertains to mixed signals you get when you are in a relationship or marriage that is on the rocks, but what about when you’re single & there is a girl that you’re into and you start communicating. What do you do if she starts giving you mixed signals?

This guy gives some really good advice on what you need to do. Give it a watch.


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