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When Should The Chick Pick Up The Bill?

When is it OK for the chick, you are dating, to pick up the bill? Should we always be reaching for our wallet after a slap up dinner or night on the town? At what point, in the relationship, does a guy feel comfortable enough to let the chick pick up the bill? Or, at the very least allow her to contribute towards it. Perhaps we’ve dug a hole for ourselves by allowing the whole ‘don’t worry, I’ll get it’ thing to become a habit, right from the start of the relationship?

“Going Dutch”, now that seems like the right solution straight from date one, doesn’t it? But it’s not in our nature to ask the bird, we are dating, to split the bill on the first date. In actual fact, I think it might be considered rude, and the chances of you scoring, after getting her to dig around in her purse for a couple hundred Rand notes, is about, um, slim to none.

Always paying for the chick, you are dating, is going to set a tone that not only drives you crazy, but is also going to severely impact your cash flow!

It’s like feeding your dog the scraps off your plate. It’s fun to watch ‘Benji’ up on his hind legs, dancing around in circles, the first couple of times you do it, but not so lekker 3 months down the line when you can’t eat your dinner without your pooch trying to wrestle your lamb tjop away from you.

It’s not Benji’s fault, is it?

When is the right time to get the chick to contribute? I don’t have the answer, I just know 6 months down the line, trying to change the behaviour is going to leave your date thinking ‘What’s with this douchebag? He has never asked me to pick up the bill, now all of a sudden it’s a thing!”

Do you have any suggestions?